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Odes to the Diminutive (2022)

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A seed is diminutive - you spend day after day, waiting for it to blossom.

Self is diminutive - lost in the massive world, it can only receive information through dreams.

A needle is diminutive - tamed to swallow thousands, but we never question why.

Dust is diminutive - it spreads and contaminates wherever it lands.

The water bubbles are diminutive - they remind you of when to turn off the fire to the boiling water.

Insects are diminutive - their everyday life is just a repeated cycle of life and death.

The unanswered questions are diminutive - yet we still try to look for the answers.

The ants are diminutive - but they can crack a dam by uniting together.

A piece of sand is diminutive - its meaning for life is diminished in the wild desert.

A wish is diminutive - it's simple and ordinary, but no one knows when it will be realized.

A star in the sky is diminutive - but it carries so much hope from people on earth.

A flower is diminutive - it holds on to its life, looking forward to a brighter future.

12 songs, 12 diminutive things;

dedicated to the diminutive us living in this gigantic world.


A Seed

The Massive Labyrinth In My Dream

Needle-Swallowing Circus

Children Of Hatred

Boiling Water


Unquestionable Questions


Barren Landscape

Diminutive Wishes

When You Look At The Stars

Flowers By The River


© Zicheng Li, 2022


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